Coming Soon To Your City: Uber and Lyft Bring Silicon Valley Style Hardball Politics to Austin

Americans are freedom loving people and nothing says freedom like getting away with it.

from Long Long Time by Guy Forsyth.

The list of outsider big money special interests that fared poorly after running into local Austin resident groups with staying power and grassroots clout is long and distinguished.  Even so, the radical change in Austin’s skyline bear mute witness to just how futile resistance is against determined multinationals.

Uber and Lyft are using surge pricing of political influence to run headlong into this conflict as the brogrammers pour millions into a ballot measure to rewrite local laws to their benefit and finance the brinksmanship between the commoditizer and the commoditized that we are all too accustomed to.  But for once local elected officials are for the most part standing up to the well-funded outsiders.  (This story is of particular interest to cities where Google has put down stakes with Google Fiber–Uber is a major investment for Google Ventures and is rumored to be the future of Google’s driverless cars.)

Trust me–at the rate these companies are going…

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